Collaction is a Social Innovation X Crowdsourcing community. We aim to help the innovator solving their problems by gathering the resources in our society.
Collaction 是一個社會創新 x 群眾外包網絡社群,希望集合群眾的力量去協助各個社會創新項目解決問題。
To understand more about the needs and difficulties of social innovators, we hope you can spend some time to fill in this survey.

We need your help!
Let's Rock and Roll
First, tell us about your idea.
首先描述你的計劃是什麼: *

It can be text, Youtube video, or URL.
So, give a name to your idea.
大家可以如何稱呼你的計劃? *

Okay, which categories do you idea belong to?
好的,你的計劃是屬於什麼分類? *

You can select more than 1 option so that we can contact the related field directly.

What kinds of resource do you need to solve the current difficulties?
你需要什麼資源來解決計劃目前的困難? *

Tell us more about what you need.
就你剛才的選擇,請詳情說明你欠缺什麼資源。 *

A detail description can help our team to allocate accurate resources for you. 
E.g. Manpower(Application tester, volunteer)or Material(Venue, equipment)
例如 人力:程式測試員、義工;物資:場地、器材。
Great! Thanks for your reply.

We would like to keep in touch with you, Please tell us how we can contact with you, meow!
最後 Collaction 團隊希望能和你保持聯絡,歡迎留下你的個人資料!喵!
How can Collaction Team call you?

How can Collaction Team contact you?

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